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Why Invest Real Estate In Manila Philippines ?

The Philippines' economy has developed and grown rapidly in recent years, and Metro Manila's real estate market has gradually become the new favorite of investors from China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, even Europe, and the United States.  The main reasons are:

1. Property Value is Stable

The property value is stably appreciated (about 10% per year), and the rental return rate is as high as 6 - 10%.

2. Can Apply for Family Immigration

Investing in real estate in the Philippines, you can apply for family immigration Green Card - Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV).

3. No Amortized Area

The property has no amortized area, and the rate of housing is 100%.

4. Affordable Housing Prices

International metropolis, central business districts, affordable housing prices.

5. Official Language is English

The official language is English, suitable for studying abroad, as a springboard to Europe and the United States.

6. Suitable for Retirement

Philippines is an island country, with mild climate, sunshine & beaches, suitable for retirement.

7. And More . . .

The Philippines has about 20 million overseas migrant workers. A large amount of US dollar remittances (about 10% of GDP) has promoted consumption and has invested a lot of funds in real estate.

As the capital of the Philippines, Manila has a population of 20 million; most Filipino families live in rented houses, which make the return on investment in the housing rental market very impressive. The rental return rate of 6 - 10% has attracted a lot of local & foreign investors. Besides, as the common practice in the Philippines, rental increased by 3 - 5% yearly.

The Philippine government has also a very easy and favorable immigration policy, by investing in real estate can apply Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV) Green Card for the family, which has attracted a large number of Mainland Chinese newcomers, together with other expatriates from Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, America, Europe, and other nations, to invest, settle and study in the Philippines.

More Reasons why Invest Real Estate in Manila Philippines and Detailed Information for the Rise of the Investment Phenomenon in Manila Philippines, Please see.

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