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Mattress should conform to the curve of human body perfectly; too hard or too soft is improper. When someone is resting, relaxing backbone naturally is the most important part. When he is lying on his side, the backbone should be straight; when he is lying on his back, the backbone should form a natural “S” shape. Mattress which is full of flexibility could change along with the change of body curve and provide adequate and uniform support for different parts of the body to relieve the body from oppression and offer soft and comfort so as to acquire relax physically and mentally and reduce the times of turning over so as to improve sleep quality.

1. Pocket Springs

The steel pocket springs are located in special textile cases with the intention of avoiding any impairment, as well as of ensuring their proper function. They support properly the spine acting as individual units, which hold the body at its natural position according to the current weight.

2. Double Pocket Springs

The independent double pocket springs have been manufactured based on the full support of the spine and the whole body providing the necessary pressure on all parts of the body. They are used for the anatomic mattresses offering a unique feeling of comfort and relaxation due to their high quality manufacturing.

3. Foam Material

The high quality and designed foam material has excellent resistance and flexibility. Moreover, their hypoallergenic activities as well its ventilation ability, ensure high quality protection.

4. Latex

The high quality and unique characteristics of the latex material render it the ideal choice for anatomic mattresses. Its special cell allow for a continuous ventilation of the mattress, as well as the perfect fitting to your body. It’s has extra antibacterial and well-being.

5. Memory Foam

The memory foam technology is based on the combination of the foam material with its ability to adjust its own shape according to the shape of the lying body. This unique characteristic minimizes the pressure towards the body and thanks to its immediate recovery ability it facilitates those who are used to constantly changing sleeping positions.

6. Quilted

The mattresses made of quilted fabric, by  means of the best threads that are used during their manufacturing, provide you with the softness, durability and quality that suits you.

7. Antibacterial

The antibacterial materials and fabrics prevent the growth of allergies and the creation of bacteria ensuring the perfect hygiene of our clients.

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