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Maximum Speed:                                           Approx. 16km/h

Maximum Torque:                                          Whole scooter, 35Nm*2

Motor Power:                                                  350W x 2

Maximum Instantaneous Power:                  2100W

Motor Control Method:                                   Sinusoidal motor vector control,

                                                                         Current + closed-loop speed control





Applicable Slope:                                            Approx. 15°

Applicable Terrain:                                         Pavement, packed dirt, slopes <

                                                                         15°, Obstacles < 1cm, < 3cm wide


Chassis Height:                                               80mm above ground

IP Rating:                                                         IP54 (Protected against limited dust

                                                                         ingress, can be used in the rain)

Mi Ninebot & Segway Mini Scooter w/ Free Helmet

SKU: 31-0201
₱41,999.00 Regular Price
₱29,399.30Sale Price
  • Mi Ninebot & Segway Mini Scooter w/ Free Helmet


    For the young and adventurous

    Extremely portable, learn to ride in just 3 minutes. Travel up to 22km in a single charge, packs over 15 security features.


    Every ride is a new adventure

    Life is an adventure itself, and we ought to travel the distance to experience the fullest. Step on our Ninebot mini and be in awe of the cutting-edge technology that propels it forward.


    Master a new riding skill in just 3 minutes

    We've designed it to be so easy that you don't need long hours of practice to master riding the Ninebot mini. Simply just step on the scooter and start riding it like a pro within minutes.


    700 watt, high-performance dual-motor engine

    The Ninebot mini may be small but is engineered to outperform. It weighs a mere 12.8kg and is able to travel up to 16km/h, which is 4X faster than typical walking speeds.


    Climbs 15° inclines and over small obstacles easily

    A new set of adventures await each time you set out on the Ninebot mini. Just the engine alone is not enough to ensure stability and safety, so our engineers have specially designed a dynamic power algorithm that automatically identifies the terrains and conditions you're traveling on and dynamically adjusts the instantaneous power to suit the situation.

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