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Basic Information:
* Main Material:  Metal
* Usage:               Use for one-sided power tube lights (MY8A, MY8B, ET8A, ET8B, ET8A-L, ET8B-L)    
* Model:               YT8D
* Power:              For (16 W)
* Weight:             434g
* Size:                  1227mm L x 20mm W x 40mm H
* Color:                For Warm White / Daylight (One-sided power LED Tube Lights)
* Warranty:         None

GES LED Tube Lights Fixture - 1.2M (Set of 5)

SKU: 21-0362
₱785.00 Regular Price
₱580.90Sale Price
  • GES LED Tube Lights Fixture YT8D - 1.2 M, it's metal fixture that use for 8W one-sided power tube lights, such as MY8A, MY8B, ET8A, ET8B, ET8A-L, and ET8B-L. The light fixture has no ballast and starter. Its Easy to Install, Durable & Safe to use.


    You have choices of 2 lengths: 0.6 meter and 1.2 meter.


    It's use for One-sided power LED Tube Lights of Warm White and Daylight. Its one side input source for GES LED Tube Only.

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