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Vegetarian Food Set Menu 


6-Vegetables + Rice Set Meal B


  1. Sauteed Vegetables  (素燥拌青菜)
  2. Braised Mushroom & Carrots  (紅燒百頁片)
  3. Stir-Fried Dried Bean Curd  (香炒豆干塊)
  4. Soy Milk Broccoli  (醬乳青花菜)
  5. Braised Mixed Vegetables  (燴什錦蔬菜)
  6. Sweet and Sour Fried Bean Buns  (糖醋炸豆包)


6-Vegetables + Rice Set Meal B


    • For pick-up, take out & delivery
    • Prices are inclusive of taxes, BUT EXCLUSIVE OF DELIVERY CHARGE
    • Prices cannot be used in conjunction with any other promos & discounts.
    • All Prices are Subject to Change without prior notice.



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