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Vegetarian Food Set Menu 


6-Vegetables + Rice Set Meal A


  1. Stir-Fried Black Fungus  (香炒黑木耳)
  2. Sweet and Sour Vegetarian Eel (糖醋溜素鳗)
  3. Braised Mixed Vegetables  (烩什锦蔬菜)
  4. Sesame Mushroom Strips  (芝麻香菇條)
  5. Tofu with Soy Sauce  (醬香乳豆腐)
  6. Ma Xiang White Cauliflower  (麻香白花椰)


6-Vegetables + Rice Set Meal A


    • For pick-up, take out & delivery
    • Prices are inclusive of taxes, BUT EXCLUSIVE OF DELIVERY CHARGE
    • Prices cannot be used in conjunction with any other promos & discounts.
    • All Prices are Subject to Change without prior notice.



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